silk for people


Silk is a wonderful companion for every occasion in life, it feels wonderful and is an eye-catcher.

Through various techniques and individual inspiration Marianne Iten Thürig creates something unique.

Silk works for the home, for therapeutic practices, ritual rooms or public buildings.

Personal jewels for special occasions, such as: travel, weddings, christenings, funerals ...

Artist statement

Marianne Iten Thürig

Silk repeatedly fascinates me anew. I love it's glow, vibrancy, and it's delicate yet durable characteristics. Since becoming engaged with this material, both the way and the means to make the inspiration of our times visible has found me. For this, as well as for the support of many along my path, I am truly grateful.

Events / Performance

Salome II

Marianne Iten Thürig "destroying" the poster Salome II of the artist Denys Shantar.


Spiritual Art Project „furchtlos“ (”fearless”)


For the project „furchtlos“ I investigate the fear of death and face the question of how to encounter it: How can I leave in peace?


As an artist I give myself into the tension between primal fear and peace. The kind of deep peace that I have seen in the faces of family members whom I had the privilege to accompany during their last days. How can we cultivate deep peace already in our active life?