Silk for you

Your personal cloth

I've tested Crêpe de Chine diversely over the years. My own beach wrap accompanies me to the sea for the seventh season, where it awaits me in sunny fields, neither fading nor snagging even one thread.


For wall or window hangings and glossy accessories, I use Crêpe Satin 12.5, approximately 53g/m2, 100% silk, natural white with a light crepe weave and one sided glossy smooth.


Even though this wonderful material may require some delicate handling, my favorite scarf still comes along to my dance event or to the theater, without ever loosing it's beauty. I have also tested this fabric's quality strictly, and would advise that it be protected from strong direct sunlight

scarf wraps

35x135 ab Fr. 200.-

Table Runner

70x180 ab Fr. 700.-

beach wraps

135x180 ab Fr. 1000.-

Wall Hanging

135x135 ab Fr. 1000.-



Silk is a wonderful companion for any event in life, and feels lovely on the skin.

It regulates humidity, cools and warms appropriate to the bodies needs, and then disappears into the smallest of pockets.


Wall Hanging (185x145cm)

Table Runner (bis 185cm)

Round cloths for the middle

Scarves to wrap around the body (pareos, beach or scarf wraps)

Silk paintings for special occasions, such as a wedding or baptismColor fastness

Only dyes that have been steamed fixed are used. Each piece is triple treated in a silk steamer at 3-5 hours each time.

Meticulous washing and rinsing removes any excess color, consequently rendering the piece colorfast with appropriate use.

Washing instructions

Silk is an animal product and, like wool, resists dirt, and consequently seldom needs washing. Often, a good airing after wearing is all the care it needs. Should it once need refreshment, hand-wash it with a detergent specifically for silk, at maximum 30 degrees, and iron on setting 3.

Quality silks

As the ideal silk for daily usage, such as pareos, shawls or table runners, I use Crêpe de Chine 14, approximately 61g/m2, 100% silk with a plain basket weave and crepe surface, a robust fabric.